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Life in the Dark is a publication dedicated to the world of film, and those who work to craft those beautiful dream worlds we call movies. Contained within the 4 walls of this blog, readers will find posts ranging from

…and more. Count on this blog to be mostly about classic films, but don’t count out potential posts about my feelings on Star…

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This year has certainly been a wild one so far, and we’re not even halfway through it!

The coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic and entrepreneurial stress has got a lot of people wondering if social media marketing is still worth it and I’m here to say… absolutely yes. Businesses still need to operate and make money, and they need a committed customer base to do that. …

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There was an impostor in my mirror.

For almost a year I had been on a total whirlwind; going from practically broke and working 10 years in retail to traveling the world working for an awesome remote company and encountering equally awesome people. Earning more, doing more, and experiencing things I had only previously dreamed of.

And all I could think of was how it was all going to come crashing down around me.

Within that year, I had serious anxiety, an occasional panic attack, and severe burnout from overwork. I constantly feared that I would be fired, to the…

Americans can have a rather dated view when it comes to Eastern European countries.

Maybe its because we’re influenced by TV shows and movies (honestly, Jack Ryan kicking Communist Russian ass was rather ego-soothing back in the day), or maybe its the lingering tinge of fear and mistrust the Cold War brought with it. But, nonetheless, a stereotype remains: Eastern Europe isn’t that pretty.

If you’re thinking that right now, let me dispel your thoughts by introducing you to Opatija, a small city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

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Overlooking the Opatija Rivera from a rented villa in the hills. Climbing up the hill is murder, but the views are second to none. (Icici, Opatija, Croatia)

Opatija (pronounced O-pot-ee-ah)is a beautiful seaside town that allures and attracts…

I’ve had the good fortune to have been quoted in a great article about virtual communities and content creation from the folks at G2; you can check it out here:


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I couldn’t believe what I was reading the first time I got it.

Two years and heaven-only-knows how many emails later, it’s almost commonplace to get a question like this to come across my support job desk:

“You have a time tracker program; that’s cool. Does your program also take screenshots of team members’ screens?”

After dropping the bad news on them that we don’t, the inevitable happens:

“Well, how am I supposed to tell what my team members are doing then???”

As the remote work revolution takes over more and more work places every day, the question that most…

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg ruined Facebook for social media marketers. We should have seen it coming some years ago, but we didn’t, and are now paying for it.

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A bit harsh for a lead-in, but bear with me.

In an intensive and information-filled keynote session, Michael A. Stelzner detailed the long and rather painful history of Facebook’s relationship with content and how it is displayed to its users. In 2014–5, Facebook introduced it’s Trending area, as well as native video and FB Instant Articles. …

Today’s schedule of sessions at Social Media Marketing World 2019 included how to expand on the brand of you, followed by an intensive session on how to bet position your content strategies for success.

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The first session was by the OG Youpreneur himself, Chris Ducker. Chris’s session was on how to best create, propagate, and monetize on the brand that is you. The main idea behind the “Youpreneur” is that everyone has a strength; knowledge and experiences that others would like to obtain. In order to make this brand a reality, however, one must begin with the classic phrase “know…

Telling a story is more than just hitting “publish” on a blog post.

…and yes, I am totally self-aware that I’m doing just that right now.

It takes a plan, some creativity, the means to publish it, and the strength to actually press the “publish” button. But what happens after that? How can you take your story from published, to read, viral, and beyond?

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That’s what the Social Media Marketing World conference is all about: held every year in San Diego, the folks from Social Media Examiner gather the best and the brightest to talk about several different elements of…

I’m proud to be working on some great resources for those looking to enter the remote work industry, and the first one is coming soon!

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